is a new innovation as opensource cryptocurrency.
One of the most prominent concentrations of African-American businesses in the United States during the early 20th century, it was popularly known as America's "Black Wall Street" until the Tulsa race riot of 1921, in which white residents massacred hundreds of black residents and razed the neighborhood within hours. The riot was one of the most devastating massacres in the history of U.S. race relations, destroying the once thriving Greenwood community. Read more


Is Digital Currency the future?

To answer that, let me share a story. In 1483, just as Johannes Gutenberg’s new movable type printing press was spreading across Europe, Sultan Bayezid II of the Ottoman Empire issued a staunch decree banning the machine from his realm. At the time the Ottoman Empire was the dominant superpower in the world, having conquered most of the Middle East, North Africa, and southeastern Europe. But Bayezid was afraid of the new technology. He and his ad visors felt that the printing press would too easily allow information and new ideas to spread across his empire. And they believed this would threaten their control and offend the religious establishment. So not only did Bayezid ban the printing press, he imposed the death penalty upon anyone caught using one.

The Ottoman Empire remained so closed off to new ideas, in fact, that the only western book to be imported and translated for the next 3 centuries was a medical text on the treatment of syphilis. Needless to say the Ottoman Empire did not remain the world’s dominant superpower for long. It was during this period that Europe underwent radical growth. Just a few centuries before, most of Europe was nothing more than a plague-infested backwater of irrelevant kingdoms. But by the mid-1600s, Europe had surged ahead, in part due to the rapid spread of knowledge made possible by the printing press. It was the Internet of its time. And scientists like Isaac Newton would never have been able to ‘stand on the shoulders of giants’ had it not been for that disruptive, revolutionary technology. Western civilization as a whole owes much of its prosperity to the printing press, which enabled the sharing of information and ideas. And the example shows how embracing new technology can make an enormous difference in the development of a society.

Today most western governments probably still feel that they are embracers of technology who encourage innovation. But this is nothing more than a crude fantasy, especially when it comes to one of the most disruptive technologies of our modern time: crypto currency. Crypto currency is today’s printing press-- a truly game-changing technology that the ruling elite sees as a threat to their control. This is why there have been so many ridiculous rules and tax policies that disincentives crypto currency ownership-- the technology is too disruptive. Banks have enjoyed unparalleled power and influence for eight centuries, going all the way back to the Medici rule in the early Italian renaissance. Bankers controlled the money, and were consequently able to control governments, laws, and even wars. In the fight against Napoleon in the early 1800s, for example, the fate of the British war effort was not in the hands of the generals and admirals, but in the hands of the Rothschild banking family that financed them. In the early 1900s,

it was JP Morgan who engineered a revolution in Panama and imposed a puppet government so that his bank could finance the lucrative canal project. And just a decade ago the heads of the top Wall Street banks cajoled the entire US government into a trillion-dollar taxpayer-funded bailout. The only reason banks enjoy such immense power is because they control the money. But if you think about it, banks are nothing more than middlemen, taking money from depositors and loaning it out to borrowers. In fact the old joke in banking was the famous 3-6-3 rule: pay 3% on deposits, loan money at 6%, be on the golf course by 3pm. Crypto currency disrupts this absurd middleman monopoly. Think about it: when you send money to someone, those funds move from your bank, to the central bank, to another bank, and then finally to the recipient’s account. This is the same way that money used to be transferred 800 years ago… ... which seems almost tragically anachronistic given that we have apps today to send funds directly to a recipient’s mobile phone or email address. Who needs a middleman anymore? Why should anyone borrow money from a bank when there are so many Peer-to-Peer and crowd funding platforms available? Why pay exorbitant fees and commissions to exchange currency when there numerous websites that exchange money at almost no cost? Banks as financial intermediaries are about as quaint as taxi dispatchers in the age of Uber. Crypto currency and Block chain technology are the final nails in the coffin, making it possible to hold your savings in the cloud rather than at a bank. And if that seems too esoteric, consider that your savings is already ‘digital currency’.

T H E B I L L I O N C O I N " T B C "

THE BILLIONCOIN or TBC is a new innovation as opensource cryptocurrency.
Just like the Bitcoin, it can also be used as payment for services or purchases online.
Starting March 21st, 2016 TBC now has over 189,004 verified users around the globe most particularly in the U.S.A,
Nigeria, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Europe and is spreading globally as TBC is open to accept leaders per
country or city. Each leaders needs to win an election votes and the winner will be granted the amount of  TBC from the stake
coins to be used for the growth of TBC users and developments in respective countries. TBC is abundance based coin
because it has the maximum ultimate value  of  One Billion when 1 Billion users worldwide are verified.


1). I believe it's necessary and good to be welcoming to everyone.
2). I believe it's good and necessary as a Leader/Moderator to be a good listener to all members.
3) I believe it's a good and necessary thing to be open and considerate as to feedback from members.
4). I believe it's good and necessary for a Moderator and members, to practice the Golden Rule which treat others how you want to be treated, implemented to all.
5). I believe in a public forum, they do it's wise and necessary that all of us...Leaders, Moderator and Member watch what we say as we all share and communicate together. That doesn't mean we have to "walk on egg shells " as the saying goes, but that we feel free to express ourselves, but to do it discreetly and wisely.
, with consideration for all concerned.
6). I believe it would be a good idea in that we are people from all "walks of life,". from all nations, from all beliefs, men, women alone, that there be no discrimination, no pornographic expressions, no bad language, no sexual innuendos, so all can feel accepted and considered.
7). If there are any private or touchy issues, it would we recommended that these issues or personality situations be handled privately with the leader of this group, privately, or privately with a requested Moderator.
8). No arguing or bickering allowed, but that as adults, all members interact on a decent mature way.
9). The goal within would be to be able to retain all members, hopefully with no thought or expectation of having to eliminate ones presence from this group.
10). Another goal would be to be supportive of each other, listening to each other.
11). TBC is a great Coin and many of us are excited by the growth we are seeing in the coin value, along with the frown upside financially. A contribution to growth could be the exchanging of items for sale, using TBC Coins as a form of payment, along with using USD/cash designated towards the shipping of these items as we exchange
Refer back..any of us are excited by the growth we are seeing in the coin value along with the growth financially. Then..continue.
12). TBC Coins will be accepted as...full TBC Coins. It is not necessary to calculate dollars and cents as members determine what to charge. Or it is not necessary to calculate a Coins percentage., using that percentage in asking for payment. Instead, a payment will be considered...1 Coin at a time. *** With this leniency, it is expected and anticipated that all contributing or participating members will handle things in a mature and fair and reasonable manner.
13). Members, as you post your items for sale, please be wise about the types of items you choose to sell. ( Nothing risque or inappropriate.)
14). Members, as you post your items and show your items, feel free to choose your own descriptions of the items you wish to sell. Try not to be too lengthy however as you describe your item.
15). Members, as you think about shipping options, you will want to take into account:
a). The weight of an item
b). The measurements of an item
c). The distance between you as the seller, to where the buyer resides.
d). Where you go to have the item shipped. The Post Office is cheaper than US Postal Services.
e). What you ship the item in.
f). Whether you wish to insure the item or not.
16). As you consider shipping your item, be aware of the distance your package will have to travel and whether the expense of shipping is in your ability to pay.
17). It is always nice to be able to transact with whomever you wish, as far as selling to and buying from is concerned. I know that saying..."first come first served" makes is mindful. This is a good idea, but not always preferable, not always easy, and it doesn't always work out that way. So...taking that into account, let's work to try to be considerate of each other is selecting who we choose to sell to or who we choose to buy from. You know our old human nature gets in the way and we want things to always go the way we want things to go. However, life doesn't always work out that way. So.....
Just take into account the Golden Rule. It might be a good idea to notice and take into account the hour or time of day a person posts that they are interested in your item. That might help to eliminate uncertainty. Along with this, being the humans that we are, we are going to have our preferences in people as far as to whom we,' like our item to go to. "My money never told me life would be so hard.". Lol. Joke. Really though, just work together. Golden Rule, Being positive with no discord is the way to go okay?!
18). Members as we go along, it might be nice to hear your testimony in selling an item or in purchasing an item.. Do a video, or just post your experience.
19). I know we all want to be successful in TBC. Remember...we are a..."Community". A "Community " has to work together to make things work. Success is exciting! Success for many of us is ...long overdue. There's no time like the present. The time is NOW. So.... Let's go forth here as this smaller "Community" of a bigger community and lets make some dreams come true. Bless you all. December and 2017 will be the best yet! I wish you all well!